Sea of Stars Sells 100,000 Copies on Launch Day, A Tribute to Classic RPGs by The Messenger Developers

RockPaperShotgun: Sea of Stars has soared to success with over 100,000 sales on its first day, making it a notable success for Sabotage Studio and a throwback hit for nostalgic JRPG fans.

Sea of Stars, an indie game created by Sabotage Studio, the developers behind The Messenger, has achieved success on its first day of release, surpassing 100,000 sales across all platforms. The game was crowdfunded to the tune of CA$1.6m in 2020 and released yesterday, August 29th. Reviews of the game have been positive, with many noting the game’s nostalgic turn-based RPG style and modern sensibility. Sea of Stars is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch.






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