Updates on the Trails and Tales

Xbox Wire: With the Trails & Tales Update, Minecraft players can embark on a journey of self-expression, creativity, and storytelling, and bring back tales of their unique Minecraft experiences.

A beloved child has many names, and the Minecraft 1.20 update is no different. The update, now known as Trails & Tales, is all about self expression and encourages players to tell their own stories as they journey through the Minecraft world. This update will be released later this year and will include features like the sniffer, trim armor, archeology, cherry blossom biome, camel rides, mob heads, chiseled bookshelf, and bamboo crafting. Players can already try out these features in Bedrock betas and previews, as well as Java Snapshots. Mojang encourages players to share their feedback and report any bugs to the Minecraft 1.20 feedback site.






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