Dragon Ball FighterZ and Octopath Traveler Departing Xbox Game Pass

RockPaperShotgun: With the clock ticking, March is the month to say goodbye to the horrifying Alien Isolation, the impossible duo of JRPGs, and the heartfelt warning of Far: Changing Tides – and to say hello to the steely shooter Atomic Heart.

As March approaches, Game Pass subscribers will have to say goodbye to a few heavy hitters, including the horror classic Alien Isolation, and two JRPGs, Octopath Traveler and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13. Octopath Traveler, in particular, is a game that could be difficult to finish in the two weeks remaining before it leaves the service, as it has turn-based combat that can be quite addictive. Lightning Returns, on the other hand, has sluggish opening and framerate issues, but its revamped action combat and silly costumes make it a worthwhile experience. Far: Changing Tides, a 2D puzzler, is the perfect size to fit in before the games leave, and it has a simple but heartfelt warning about climate change. Atomic Heart, a steely shooter, is one of the new titles that will be joining the service this month.






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